The story behind…..

It was the year 2000, when Mr. Prossenjit Biswas, thought the idea of turning Khichuri or Khichdi into a diversified food product with different types which would create an appealing factor on different people; specially promoting Bengal home style cuisine of Bengal..

In 2000, ‘Khichuri Bhog’ started out its business with an initial investment of Rs.50,000. The founder started preparing Khichuri at home & delivering to Homes & Offices nearby. The first few orders were placed by people who wanted to taste authentic Khichuri & recommended special side dishes which goes well with Khichuri; the authentic Bengali home style cuisine. This laid the foundation of setting up ‘Khichuri Bhog’ food delivery outlets.

The company’s mantra for success is to constantly create innovative products. Mr. Prossenjit Biswas’s mission was to make their Khichuri or Khichdi product for all occasions and create a niche market for everyone.

Khichuri Bhog’s diversified products

Khichuri Bhog’ provides various fusions of Khichuri’s which have been accepted by all its customers. They produce different types of combos like Alu Dum, Labra, Fried Ilish / Hilsa Fish, Egg Omelette, Mutton Curry, etc. Khichuri Bhog intends to heighten Indian foodies eating experience backed by their culinary innovations and standardisation of services. The company’s unique selling point lies in its innovativeness through which the founders have re-invented the Khichuri / Khichdi experience to Indian food-lovers. Focuses on customer needs and converts food into food entertainment by being innovative and taking risks. Ensuring that every customer is treated with the utmost respect and is completely satisfied with their food. This can only be achieved if the company has been innovating over the years thereby keeping their customers loyal to their brand.

Key benefits of owning ‘Khichuri Bhog’ Franchise

Khichuri Bhog is giving all of you an opportunity to own a franchise outlet and help them grow their business further.

Here are a few key points which will prove just how beneficial it is to own a ‘Khichuri Bhog’ franchise outlet.

  • Khichuri Bhog specialise in various types of Khichuri / Khichdi with a touch of uniqueness that is well-accepted by Indian customers.
  • The prices of these different types of Khichuri / Khichdi Combos are affordable by everyone.
  • It requires less investment in comparison to other fast food chain restaurants.
  • Khichuri Bhog take-way / home delivery counters is well-known, prestigious and has a strong brand identity since 2000.
  • It currently has plans to make its presence felt at around has over 20+ operational outlets in Kolkata itself & 1 outlet in any major Towns / Cities. Making it the first Khichuri Brand / Food chains spreading across the country.
  • The return-on-investment is on the higher side.

Requirements for starting a Khichuri Bhog Franchise in India

Area :

The area required to open a Khichuri Bhog food outlet is 250 – 300 Sq.ft which should include a kitchen and a counter. The built-up area requirement differs depending upon the location of your franchise outlet. You need to have proper licence like Trade Food & Fire to operate as franchise.

Skills required :

Individuals who are passionate and have a desire to grow and be a part of the take-away food growing industry. The people should be willing to accept the challenges faced on a daily basis and should be able to work well with other people. The employees should have good communication skills, culinary cooking skills and should be courteous to the customers. The candidate should at least be 10th pass.

Regions of operations :

‘Khichuri Bhog’ presently have plans to open over 20 outlets in & around Kolkata & 1 outlet in any major City / Town in India,

Training required :

Khichuri Bhog’ will provides 1 week of on-the-job training to all its franchise employees.

The training includes soft skill training, customer handling, improving their culinary skills and how to achieve their sale target effectively and efficiently.

Minimum staff requirement : 

Minimum staff required to work at a ‘Khichuri Bhog’ outlet is 2 to 3 people.

How much does it cost to start a ‘Khichuri Bhog’ Franchise in India?

The total investment that a person should invest in the company to own a ‘Khichuri Bhog’ franchise outlet in your city is Rs.3 lakh to Rs.5 lakh depending upon the size and location of your outlet.

Profitability :

With the help of a simple example, we can help you understand how profitable a ‘Khichuri Bhog’ franchise can be.

A) Total investment for a ‘Khichuri Bhog’ outlet: Rs. 300,000

B) Expenses incurred:

  • Rent paid on a monthly basis for 300 Sq.ft of the area: Rs.10,000
  • Salary paid to 3 employees on a monthly basis: Rs. 30,000
  • Miscellaneous expenses: Rs.10,000

Total expenses incurred monthly: Rs. 40,000

C) No. of Customers ordering Khichuri on a daily basis: 100 People/Serving

  • Average order amount of each customer: Rs. 200
  • Total Turn-over on a daily basis (100 x 200): Rs. 20,000

Total Monthly income earned: Rs. 600,000

D) Gross profit per Month: Rs. 90,000 (15% of Rs.600,000)

E) Net Profit per Month: Rs. 50,000 (Rs. 90,000 (-) Rs. 40,000)

The franchise owner can get back their entire investment (ROI)
amount within 6 -12 month time frame.

Conclusion : 

This article has led us to know that ‘Khichuri Bhog’ has provided its customer base with a variety of options to choose from at an affordable price. The company produces Khichuri / Khichdi & Combos out of mini stalls, maxi stalls, kiosks, cloud kitchens and outlets in food courts.

‘Khichuri Bhog’ is giving you the opportunity to open your very own franchise and grow along with them. It is not important that only food-lovers should think about opening up an outlet, but any person who is looking for the best opportunity to make money in the food sector can opt for this particular franchise. Trust me you will not be disappointed. The brand will provide you with a lot of opportunities with minimum investment and high return-on investment.

‘Khichuri Bhog’